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EliteSitter.com is a revolutionary new service online nanny agency, that allows you to find the perfect care provider in an Affordable, Fast, Safe, & Effective way!

By creating an account, you'll gain access to local care providers who are listed in our easy to use database, where you can filter your search results and end up with the perfect match!

View photos, send messages, chat or you can even conduct a Live Video Interview from the comfort of your own home! EliteSitter.com is the perfect place to meet your perfect care provider.

Join now and see why more and more people are making EliteSitter.com nanny agency their source for all of their care related needs!

EliteSitter.com places an advanced network of Elite Care Providers at your Fingertips.

Whether it's an emergency wanted babysitter, a last minute housekeeper or a long-term nanny, you can find your perfect care provider at EliteSitter.com.

In the past, working parents have been forced to take off from work in order to interview candidates who often don't even work out, wasting both valuable time and money. At EliteSitter.com, you can conduct Live Video Interviews from the comfort of your home, at your convenience, ensuring a connection before an in-person interview ever takes place!

A Unique Feature Offered Exclusively EliteSitter.com Benefits Both Families & Care Providers.

Find a BabysitterExclusively on EliteSitter.com, care providers are offered an optional upgrade to a premier account for a very low fee, which can turn into a huge benefit for them as well as families who are about to find a babysitter. Premier care providers can be contacted by any families, including families who have not upgraded themselves. This opens the door to many connections which may have been missed without this unique feature! Premier care provider profiles are highlighted and appear first in search results. The folks behind EliteSitter.com have over 20 Years of Experience in the caregiver industry, providing thousands of families with long term care providers in NYC, New York and rest of the USA.

By bringing our elite staff online, we have been able to create a better way to find the care needed for you and your loved ones. Sign up (link to signup) and find a nanny or perfect babysitter today!

Safety is a Top Priority for us at EliteSitter.com

We understand the importance of Safety and Security, and have made Background Checks available to all care providers. You can review these background check results on each care provider when viewing their profile, in addition to their biography and work history before hire a nanny or babysitter.

Additionally, our staff screens and reviews care provider profiles.

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